Alwaysranting’s pro tips for eating with Chopsticks.

•January 31, 2013 • 1 Comment

Eating with chopsticks is hard, and there’s nothing more embarrassing than being the only one at the table using forks and spoons like some kind of barbarian, or regular person. So I’ve compiled a short list of tips to give you the edge when dining out at Asian restaurants with friends.


Posture is key.

Are you sitting up straight? Why not? Do you know how much you are disappointing your mother right now? When using chopsticks, it’s important to have your knees parallel to the floor, elbows parallel to the table, and head tilted upwards until parallel with the back of the chair ( This should be uncomfortable but not painful).

Are you sure those are chopsticks?

The line between chopsticks and drumsticks is vaguely drawn. Even experts in the music industry disagree on how to define the differences between the two. So, don’t be embarrassed if you have mistaken the musical utensil for the dining one. The only way to be sure is to check the small serial code on the top of the stick. If the 8-digit number starts with the letters CHOP it’s a drumstick. If you see musical notation, it’s a chopstick.

When was the last time you updated your drivers?

If you don’t have automatic updating enabled, chances are your chopsticks aren’t compatible with the food you are attempting to eat. Your best bet is to check the manufacturer’s website for updates before each meal.


Hold the first chopstick like you would hold a pen.

Unless you are European and hold pens awkwardly using your middle and ring finger. In this case you are better off just using a fork. I’m sorry, a ‘forke’.

You have two hands, use them both!

While one hand is operating the chopsticks, the other hand should be gathering the foot into small balls so it is easier to pick up.

Are you in outer space?

Do not use chopsticks in low gravity situations as this voids the warranty.




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